My food stall

It gives me great personal pleasure to report that I have started my food stall in Brighton North Laines on Upper Gardner Street stall number 7 to be really map-tastically-specific. I have completed my 6th Saturday and CanTina is launched and she is loving it. The weather and all my new equipment have served me brilliantly and my vegetarian creative lunch boxes have been well received. My customers are giving me some great feedback and I seem to be building a few regulars which of course if bloody brilliant and makes me very happy and proud.
I had a very hectic weekend at the Brunswick Festival it was ace!
A dish that seems to be getting a lot of praise is the spinach and coconut dahl that is served alongside a spiced potato dish with a selection of salads. This dahl is a Simon Hopkins recipe taken from his brilliant duo of books ‘Roast Chicken and Other Stories’. I have promised to hand over this recipe to a customer this week and thought I should post it on here for her to collect and to share to others who may want to have a go at making this themselves.
Lentils have a soothing quality to them, seemingly able to restore ones physical and emotional health. Now maybe this latter comment is over emphasising but seriously the next time you are dumped, broke, sad or even just a little tired.
I have also been getting some good comments on my butternut and feta pastries. I am currently away from my own computer but shall post the recipes for these tonight or tomorrow… promised to 3 lovely customers on Saturday.


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