Cooking books for Italy

Some kind of view – gotta love the Tuscan flora
I mostly count myself lucky in life. During the summer black cats have been running across my path and magpies flying round me in couples. Spending time in Italy for 8 days with family at Dads beautiful Tuscan home does crank up the luck. He runs B & B so should plug his business The view from his kitchen door is as you can see pretty spectacular and as a very keen cook himself he has more kitchen equipment and gadgets than one man should have. The kitchen is a dream to be in, hand built by the man himself, it was a total joy to cook and trial new dishes for my CanTina @ home supper clubs..
Kitchen chez Dad
Holidaying here presents the perfect time to cook and try out new recipes. Amazon, a few clicks, Moro East, Sam and Sam Clark, The Modern Pantry by Anna Hansen and Supper Club, ‘Notes and recipes from the Underground Restaurant’ by Kirsten Rodgers. These books represent both my cooking style and aspirations.

The first 2 books really speak to me and my cooking style, The Moro Sams really know how to take simple ingredients and transform the humble into the grand, their use of spicing and herbs is genius. The book in based around produce from their East End allotment, and is full of deep and flavoursome dishes . Anna Hansen, her book The Modern Pantry and Clerkenwell restaurant of the same name are inspirational. She worked alongside Peter Gordon at The Sugar Club in the 1990’s and again at The Providores. I hate the term ‘fusion’ cookery, Anna really understands flavour balance and within this combines ingredients that may not always grow together but always sit well with each other. Her sumac lavoush is a bloody triumph, we have shared some twitter love with each other over this crisp flatbread. I sell this bread each week as part of a mezze lunch box at Churchill Square farmers market, where it is appreciated by all.

Summer Reading
The Modern Pantry – Clerkenwell
So to the final book…Kirsten Rogers AKA Miss Marmite is the UK’s supper club queen. I have been following (stalking) her via twitter and her blog for many many months, she runs a supper club out of her delicious Kilburn abode and is a great sharer of her experiences. The book is full of some great recipes but for me the set out in print of the points for consideration one needs to consider when one is starting a supper club from ones home is key. My own lengthy front of house service should be enough but I imagine being in your own home is going to be different…..16th September with 12 spaces booked I need to try some recipes…..

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