Good Brighton Coffee

I am ill, full of cold and in bed sipping of a cup of Assam with a Berocca chaser hoping to get me well for my Kefaloinan adventure of next week.
As I write this I am completely aware that I am sliding into dangerous waters as this post is about coffee. I am no expert but this is all about my personal taste and I know I have the taste buds to decipher the good from bad. I have no wish to become a barista champion but my palate and £2ish is enough to satisfy my coffee requirements.

Despite the lack of personal skill I have been lucky to work alongside many who do have the ability to source a good single estate bean, look after them, draw out good shots, tamper correctly, and steam milk to temperature and foam to ambrosial status with tight creamy texture then making a pretty pattern with the crema rising through the milk. I share a son with a man who certainly knows his latte from his flat white and can make a smooth, delicious coffee with a pretty topping. One of my dear friends Ms Ryan is the owner of Lantana in London, she has created an Australian cafe vibe with great food and amazing coffee which people travel for and who other coffee houses benchmark themselves against.

Brighton is small city with many cafes serving utterly awful coffee. The cafe market here is saturated with crap. I appreciate this is harsh but it is the truth. So many oversized vat like mugs of burnt milk flavoured with bitter and watery coffee. Awful, horrid, nasty.
Ok so moving on from the negative. I am starting to realise that this town is too small for me to give too much focus on my moanings and as I do not have a thick enough skin to become the City bitch.

Great coffee can be drunk at Taylor Street and Red Roaster. Excellent coffee is on offer at Ground on St George street where Rik and his team give skill, love and affection to every cup. Ground offers the killer breakfast combination by selling Cocoa croissants . These butter pillows of skill and quality are the best by a million miles within the City and actually the best I have ever had outside France. A new breakfast delivery service now on offer allows the pampered hangover crowd to eat these delicious pastries without getting out of bed. Check them out, I know I shall.

Coffee @ 33 on Trafalgar Street is my favourite coffee it town, you are looked after by a team of boys and is boy like in decor and service. A central counter provides food action of great home baked foccacia sandwiches and a selection of sweet slices. You shall not find butter cream and decoration the cakes are good and tasty without frill and froth. All the food I have had here has been excellent but it is the coffee that I worship. The use Monmouth beans and have 2 designated baristas who produce faultless coffee every time. I love it and wish I could manage a trip there now.

My thought of the day:
A good coffee can disguise a mediocre pasty but dunking the best butter croissant in the universe in shit, you will still taste the shit.


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