Venues and menus

I love being a supper club hostess. Combining my passions of cooking and chatting is my dream job. Of course I am delighted my suppers have proved so popular; with close to 800 guests fed from the room formerly known as my sitting room the project is, I delighted to report a success. September sees my first anniversary with 2 suppers on 14th and 15th to be held as part of Brighton and Hoves wonderful food festival. I launched my supper club last year with the help from the wonderful organising team that work so hard to put together twice each year a fantastic program of food-tastic events. In addition to my supper club this year I shall have my usual stall at New Road on the 8th and 9th and shall be….oh lord making vegan maki as part of the fab Maki Challenge event at Moshi Moshi. You really should check out the festival list of events there really are some cracking experiences and days and evenings out.

One year into the club and wanting to be mindful that I have neighbours who are delightfully supportive and tolerant of my home restaurant it seems time to find some additional locations. I shall always want to hold suppers from my home; it is where I started and actually my sitting room works perfectly and the home is at the heart of this whole idea. Reaching this stage is of course not a problem I shun, it is bloody marvellous to be in need of a new space and I am thrilled to report I have discovered 2 fantastic homes to use for my suppers that offer a larger dining space that can hold more than my own 20 maximum.  Both properties are full of wow – having been lovingly restored in a high end chic and cool style and have open kitchens within unique dining spaces that will no doubt allow my chaos to be viewed.  One of the homes is for      week night suppers which I hope to host on a regular basis, the other I will enable me to offer a larger space mainly for my private supper club weekend bookings.

My first supper at using these fantastic venues is on Septmeber 27th and should be fun. I am also doing a pop uo on October 6th with some details to follow on here in the coming days.


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