A media mention

So of course as you can imagine I am very excited to announce that my supper club has made itself onto the pages of Stylist magazine  – as one of the best 4 supper clubs don’t you know!

Some VERY cool press
Some VERY cool press

I should get round to scanning the mention in though for my luddite brain this is just too tricky. The magazine is free, cool and with a circulation of around 500k has quite a reach! I am delighted to be busy cooking for my – erm very good supper club! Hurrah and without sounding too ‘Paltrow’ a massive thanks to you all my previous and current guests, these evenings only work with the punting nature of our punters.

I do indeed cook seasonally and the afformentioned list of Kent and Sussex veg comes from Nick & Muir via their fab Brighton based company Fin and Farm. They also sell to domestic clients, delivering each Tuesday and Thursday. Check them out. www.finandfarm.co.uk


2 thoughts on “A media mention

  1. Well done Tina!

    Do you know when you are publishing supper club dates for May?

    Thanks, Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! Tis good huh!?

      May dates are likely to be 10th and 11th. I have had a cancellation for tomorrow?!

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