My first dinner party circa 1978! Robert Carrier Roman peas!

About Tina

I was born with a love of food. My parents ran a cafe that we lived above where everything was made by hand.  I clearly recall waking up for school aged 7 with the smell of my Mothers quiche & lemon meringue pies wafting up the stairs. It was the 1970’s! My Hungarian and Scottish heritiage meant we ate the unusual alongside the comforting; this has shaped my approach to food and eating.

About CanTina

I worked in hospitality for 20 years in some amazing London restaurants including The Anglesea Arms and The Brackenbury. I moved to Brighton in 2008, completed a degree in Culinary Arts and started my business. CanTina Brighton is a boutique catering service offering delicious cookery for a variety parties and events.

About my cooking style

My food is based around seasonality and is big on taste and texture. I like things to have a freshness and of course be balanced. I am not a technique focussed chef thus I don’t any more kit than the home cook, I like my food to be about the flavour more than process,


My service is really personal.  I meet clients, talk through menu and am always the chef and point of contact on the day. That realationship to me is very important and I know helps my clients to feel ‘looked after’.