Grazia, me and supper clubbing

Grazia oh yes people I have made into a national magazine. My supper club has been featured as a ‘one to try’ in the latest issue (as seen below!) and I am as giddy as a well sourced, local kipper.

The article features a lady in Amsterdam who hosts a regular club from her wonderfully beautiful home. Its pretty wonderfully beautiful that the supper club movement is gaining real momentum.

I started my supper club ‘CanTina’ in September 2011 after a year of selling lunches at Churchill Square farmers market and getting asked ‘do you have a restaurant’ .  I host 3-4 suppers per month from my home in the space formerly known as my sitting room. The suppers offer me the opportunity to get creative in menu planning and cook 5 seasonal courses using wonderful local produce. Menus are sent out in advance and guests are seated on a long sharing table where chatter flows along with the BYO booze.  The aim is to create a casual and fun dining experience with delicious food, offering a quirky evening out. Glamorous live music and gorgeous staff have helped to make these suppers popular and full of regulars.

I was motivated in part by twitter following Kirsten Rodgers AKA Kirsten is the mother of the UK supper club movement hosting evenings from her Kilburn adobe. Her book is a fantastic source of tips and recipes and gave me some comfort during my start up. She has also set up a site to enable guests to find a supper club in their locality and hosts to share thoughts. Check out the site and Brighton people we have a few though mentions though I think at this point from this list only myself and the Ovingdean supper club are in regular action. There are of supper club located all  around the country. I am really keen to try out in part as we are twitter mates, their menus sound totally delicious, plus their story of food,  love, romance and meeting on the blog- sphere is just too cute…… a trip to Bristol for me.

I really hope the supper club movement keeps on growing….it offers a great value alternative to a restaurant with fine cooks who are crazy about cooking and sharing.  Mostly my nights are wedding like without the boring rellies and are really good fun. If you havent been to one…’come on, come on, come on’  (A 70’s Status Quo tune?)

Back to Grazia! I have no idea how I managed to get my mention, so if you know, please do tell and if its you then THANK’s in a high-pitched over-excited way. Of course this coverage has done me a chunk of favours, it has driven traffic to my website and I have already fielded a wedding and canape party booking from it. You gotta love a magazine that sits so well in hairdressers and doctors….its the gift that keeps on giving


2 thoughts on “Grazia, me and supper clubbing

    1. Thanks! I was as you imagined pretty chuffed

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